Eliminate Paper Tickets From Your Aggregates Yard


Integrate your drivers, and your aggregates facilities into your network and use TruckPay to eliminate the paper work.
  • No more lost tickets.

  • No more illegitimate tickets.

  • No more wasted time counting, sorting or validating tickets.

  • No need to photo scan tickets


  • How long does it take to load and unload trucks?

  • Which carriers are moving the most/least aggregates to which customers?

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Improve Efficiency

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Coordinate information among recycling plants, landfill, aggregate facilities, construction companies, subcontracts and drivers.
  • Anticipate deliveries by tracking drivers and their trucks in real time using our website or mobile app.

  • Generate electronic invoices and e-tickets to reduce billing discrepancies.

  • Track minority subcontractor and driver participation on government sponsored jobs.


Enable customers to pay you and pay all independent drivers and subcontracts for aggregates, using electronic tickets, and eliminating the need for paper checks.
  • Validate invoices before paying them using the mobile app or on the website.

  • Assign specific employees and truck drivers to digitally sign off in order to pay invoices or deny payments for specific reasons.

  • Export delivery and invoice data to third party accounting and aggregate management systems.

Control Your Costs With TruckPay's Job Board Service.


Get the truck drivers you need for your aggregate hauling at the most competitive prices. It's never been easier.
  • Post fixed price jobs for your.

  • Solicit open bids for jobs.

  • Validate driver's vehicle and general liability insurance.

  • Award jobs to the most highly ranked company drivers, external truck drivers and subcontractors.

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Aggregate Hauling Example Situation:

How It's Done Traditionally:

Hiring / Scheduling Drivers:

Currently, dump truck drivers either work for a quarry, a large aggregate producers, they are an independent owner-operator (IOO) or they work for a multi-vehicle hauling company. These truck drivers are generally dispatched by a dispatcher via a call, a text message or calling their truck broker or subcontractor hauling company. Many times this is done on the same day or the night before a job.

The driver is then given the specifics about the job via the phone call, text message or email. The truck driver is told what type of materials to pick-up, where to get them, where to drop them off, how many tons will be moved, and over how many days. They are told if they will be paid by the hour, ton, volume, or load.

The Delivery and Weighing Process:

The driver will then go to the quarry with an empty truck and get their tare weight on the scale. They then indicate which product(s) they've come to pick-up, maybe ¼ inch rock or washed sand. The driver will get out of their truck to get a tare weight ticket and a load slip which details the material to be put into the truck.

Once loaded, the driver then gets back into his truck and drives across the scale to get their gross and net weights. They then will get out of the truck to hand in the signed load slip, get the new gross and net weight ticket, get back into their truck and leave. In cases where the quarry has a kiosk at the scale, the driver can either lean out of his window to get the weigh ticket or get out of the truck to operate the kiosk. This process can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

After Job Details:

The aggregates producer driver then has to deliver the tickets to his broker, his hauling company sub-contractor, or hand them into his boss. This process takes a lot of time, is prone to the driver losing tickets, fraudulent tickets being presented for payment, wastes gas, is expensive, and isn't environmentally friendly. It also doesn't enable the aggregates producer to track the driver in real-time, for customers to know, the status of their delivery, and for brokers and subcontractors to verify that they are paying the driver the correct amount for per-hour for deliveries.

Once the paper delivery tickets have been presented to the correct parties, back-office staff must process them and create invoices to send their customers. Customers then have to verify the invoices and delivery charges, against actual material that was delivered.

How It's Done With TruckPay:

Hiring / Scheduling Drivers:

TruckPay has revolutionized the aggregates industry with its multi-patented mobile and cloud-based eTicketing technology. IOOs and subcontractor hauling companies can bid for jobs on our job board service (JBS) so that company drivers can be directly assigned to the job.

Truck drivers are notified on their mobile devices about open or upcoming jobs and are provided with all of the details for that job such as type of truck required, type of aggregate material to be hauled, estimated amount of aggregates to be moved, pick-up/drop-off locations for the job, and the duration of the job; hours, days, months. The dispatcher or supervisor creates all of the details about the job, how it is to be performed, and how the driver is to check in and out of the job.

Dispatchers can then dispatch the job on the web, using a user-friendly drag and drop user interface (UI). The driver is notified via text, app notification or email about when pick-ups and drop-offs are to occur, so that they can plan their schedules accordingly. The driver then indicates that he is starting the delivery and is given step-by-step guidance, on the app to the pick-up or drop-off location and is warned when they are near the user-defined geofence of the location.

The Delivery and Weighing Process:

When the driver arrives at the quarry, for per-weight jobs, he is directed to the scale, is asked to connect to the scale and gets his tare weight. He also indicates, by swiping through a list of products which materials he’s here to pick-up. The loader is then automatically notified, via push notification or text, about what to load into the truck and the eTicket, including the weight, is automatically created.

All of this is done via the mobile app. The driver never has to get out of the truck to get a ticket, never needs to hand it to the loader, take it from the loader or hand it back to the office.

After Job Details:

Typically, our process takes a couple of minutes, including the time on the scale. All interested parties, the customer, hauling company subcontractor, quarry management, and of course the driver, see the E-tickets in real-time.

E-tickets are increasingly important for contractors and producer that are doing business with various state DOTs that require eTickets as part of the job. TruckPay can integrate with any interface and send the tickets directly to the DOT portal. E-tickets and hauler invoices can be paid electronically by tapping the “Pay Now” button on the invoice in the mobile app or web portal. Since, all tickets and resulting charges were created by the app that is tracking the driver’s movements, there are very few disputes about the work done. In addition, the aggregates producer can see the route that the driver took on each delivery.

This process eliminates a tremendous amount of back-office time and cost. All stake-holders can see the location of the driver, in real-time, along with the aggregate materials they’re carrying, the weight and volume of them.

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